acáo – A refreshing drink like no other

Hundreds of years ago the Indians of the Amazon basin discovered the effect of the Guaraná plant and its seeds for themselves. They also call Guaraná “wara”, which means fruit of youth.

The red fruits contain seeds, which are mostly dried and then peeled. These are ground and processed into guaraná powder.

In contrast to caffeine from coffee beans, guaraná is bound to tannins. These must first be broken down by the body before the caffeine is released.

The result: the Guaraná energy is more gentle and, above all, more long-term.

Thus Guaraná is the perfect companion for long working days, in which concentration and a fit body as well as spirit are in demand.

Almost all energy drinks add only a tiny dose of guaraná to their drinks for cost reasons – often just enough to be able to advertise it for marketing reasons.

The rest of the caffeine content is achieved by adding normal, cheap or synthetic caffeine.

A real portion of Guaraná …

The caffeine contained in acáo from the Guaraná plant corresponds to the effect of a cup of coffee. The Guaraná extract, which is naturally obtained from organic farming, reaches a caffeine content of 25 mg per 100ml with acáo.

The slightly fruity taste of quince, sea buckthorn and lemon is not too sweet. Due to its natural caffeine from Guaraná, acáo is naturally awake.

Only the best ingredients are used for acáo. They are exclusively certified organic and of high quality. acáo is also vegan and gluten-free.

… and your customers are awake and refreshed.