Ginger – pure health

The days are getting shorter, the sun is hiding behind fog wafts and the temperatures are sinking into cold danger areas … That’s why we should all pay a little more attention to our health and well-being.

That ginger is good has been known for thousands of years; in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), in Indian Ayurveda, in orthodox medicine.

Responsible for the main effects of ginger are the gingerole, which belongs to the pungent substances, and the essential oil.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ginger root is considered a warming remedy. TCM therefore also uses the plant against colds.

A small sip daily …

Ginger TRINK is the whole good power of ginger, which is contained in the unique ginger vital pieces made of fresh ginger. And a lot of really good taste to go with it.

Ginger has been used as an ingredient in monastery kitchens worldwide for over a thousand years. The really unique thing about IngwerTRINK: This old knowledge was brought on a completely new, modern formula.

Produced with much devotion and partly in complex manual work. Exclusively with ingredients from controlled organic agriculture.

GingerTRINK not only contains all the valuable substances of ginger. It also simply tastes good because the aromatic spiciness of ginger has been harmoniously balanced with a hint of lemon and the mild sweetness of wild agave.

… and your customers stay strong