As early as 30,000 years ago, wild plants were milled north of the Alps, as finds from Russia and the Czech Republic prove, and with the systematic cultivation of grain for their own nutrition, bread was an indispensable part of people’s lives. Originally the grain was ground, mixed with water and eaten as a porridge. Probably one of our ancestors fell a little porridge on a hot stone and the baked bread was invented. A few thousand years later the bread has lost nothing of its importance and we have reached the age of thanksgiving.

Bread of a special kind

The concept of Dankebitte is as simple as it is logical: to transport an ancient, traditional product into the 21st century, one that can hardly be surpassed in its diversity. Who doesn’t love it – the heavenly scent of freshly baked bread! Thank you for bringing it – uncomplicated and healthy – into every household.

Thank you for placing the highest value on quality and deliberately avoiding any kind of preservatives or other artificial additives.
In order to increase the value of bread again and to make bread baking an experience that everyone can integrate into his everyday life. Quick and easy.

Why we prefer to bake ourselves!

Nowadays, traditional bakers increasingly share the market with bakery chains or bakery discounters. The latter often use purely industrially produced baking mixes or finished dough pieces for the production of their bread, to which a series of preservatives, flavour enhancers and enzymes are usually added. Unacceptable for us as passionate bread lovers. So we had to either buy our bread from a baker who was still following the tradition, or even better: bake it ourselves! This was the birth of Thank You. The result are the delicious, individual baking mixes made from 100% natural ingredients, which are very easy to prepare and which we now share with you. Try it yourself!

Good for you and the environment

We don’t compromise on taste. The right combination of ingredients is the heart of our breads. First-class quality is the basis. All bread blends are produced with the greatest care and love in our manufactory in Cologne. At the same time, we attach the greatest importance to sustainability. We obtain every single one of our ingredients in organic quality. Our suppliers not only completely dispense with chemical synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, but also regularly add nutrients to the soil in the form of a special mixture of medicinal plants, beef manure and quartz flour. In this way, more is returned to the soil than was previously taken from it. This form of bio-dynamic management has a noticeable influence on the quality of our products. Of course.